The White Limousine – update

The next stop for The White Limousine is the printer! Yes! finally, the editing is completed. We meet with the printer on Wednesday to discuss the details, like type of paper and cover finish, and then a few days later, we’ll get a proof copy. We’ll do another read-through, and then we’ll go to print. I’m not sure how long of a wait we’ll have at the printer –  it’ll depend on their schedule, but I’m guessing that it won’t be more than a couple of week.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons since we started on this venture.  While I was writing, I didn’t think much about editing, preparing the book for print, printing and marketing. The old saying, “The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done”, was never more true as it applies to writing , but when the first draft is finished is when the work really begins!

Copies of The White Limousine will be available soon!



7 thoughts on “The White Limousine – update

  1. Congratulations John!!!

  2. Congratulations, John – it’s been a long road.

    May this be ‘a GREAT Beginning…’


  3. Congratulations

    I’m looking forward to reading the White Limousine

  4. Marvelous content, thank You !!

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