Chichen Itza and Tulum

This post has nothing to do with The White Limousine. It’s a collection of photos that I took during a  trip to Cancun in 2010. I just re-discovered them and thought that you might enjoy them, but speaking of The White Limousine, we have the proof copy of The Book and are giving a final read-through before we tell them to hit the print switch!

A date for The Book Launch of The White Limousine will soon be announced. Stay tuned to this site for the launch date event!

In the meantime, enjoy the Cancun pictures. I may go back and write a book featuring AN IGUANA. I know. Night of the Iguana has already been done – but there are lots of other possibilities.

1609 Iguana Cancun

Someone or something is watching

1611 Iguan Cancun

Lunchtime – how fast can you run

1316 Chichen Itza Pyramaid

Temple at Chichen Itza

1308 Chichen Itza

Pyramid at Chichen Itza

1312 Chichen Itza


Blue cenote

Blue Cenote – a great swimming hole – literally.

1272 Cancun game court

Chichen Itza game court

1316 Chichen Itza Pyramaid1185 Tulum 1161 Tulum



3 thoughts on “Chichen Itza and Tulum

  1. Great Pictures. You’ve really captured the immenseness of the site!

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