Bloody Words Mascot

This time last year I was introduced to the world of fiction writing when the Bloody Words Conference was held in Victoria. At that time, I was about half way into writing my first novel The Douglas Document.  Sometimes, I didn’t feel like I was making much progress, but taking a few minutes to look in the rear-view mirror, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made. I’ve finished the first book ( until I decide to make more changes) and I’m about two-thirds into a second. I’ve also written two short stories and have started another novel – this one is a crime fiction mystery.

The book  that started out as ‘Killing Time in Victoria’ transformed into ‘The Douglas Document,’ a title that captures the essence of the book. At the Bloody Words conference this year, I ‘pitched’ the book to an agent. She asked for a synopsis and the first few chapters – always a good sign.

I also received a manuscript evaluation from Mel Bradshaw, a published author from Toronto and a member of the Crime Writers of Canada. Mel’s comments were both  encouraging and instructive.

The Bloody Words conference was very good again this year. The highlight for me was the attendance of Gayle Lynds, international spy thriller writer. ie  ‘Masquerade, Mosaic and The Book of Spies to mention a few. Gayle is an excellent speaker and did some very informative sessions – like the seven secrets of writing a thriller.