In preparing  The White Limousine for publication, we’ve reviewed the book several times and have hopefully identified every misplaced or missing  comma, hyphen, quotation mark and capitalization. The learning curve for doing a fiction self-publication is steep,  and we recently learned about another important issue – using copyrighted material. For example, the name of a song or book are public domain – but the lyrics of a song or a passage from a book are copyrighted. Getting permission is both costly and time-consuming, and so it is best to avoid using lyrics or a direct quote. I had planned on using a line of a song, but I’ve taken it out. Company and product names are usually also copyrighted, and there are mixed opinions about using them. If they’re used in a way that puts the product or business in a positive light, there’s no problem. For example, “Bob and Suzie stayed at the Holiday Inn and had a restful night,” probably wouldn’t be an issue, but, “Bob and Suzie stayed at the Holiday Inn and had the worst night of their lives,” could result in a ‘cease and desist order’ from Holiday Inn management.

When I wrote The White Limousine, I made  up with the names of two music businesses. In doing our due diligence, we discovered that both are the names of actual businesses. No problem, I thought. I’ll make up new names. We spent a couple of hours  coming up with suitable names for record companies and doing internet searches. I had no idea how many record companies that there are! Almost every combination we could think of was taken.  We finally did come up with names that will work.

We’ve sent another list of changes to Spica Book Design. We should have a print copy of the book within two weeks. We’ll do a review of the print copy for a final read-through – and then we’ll tell the printer to hit the ‘print’ button.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you informed about when the book will finally be printed –  and the date for the BOOK LAUNCH.

Thanks for your patience, encouragement and good wishes.