The White Limousine – A Novel

The White Limousine Book Cover by John R. PatersonCAN THE PAST BE CHANGED?

Fred Davidson makes surprising discoveries in his past, but can he solve the heart wrenching mystery that has plagued him all of his life – what happened to Kimberley on graduation night in 1950?

Trapped in her own time-travel experiment, Dr. Lisa Edler finds adventure and romance in the past, but the unexpected effects of time-travel threaten to ruin it all.

Excerpt from Island Writer Magazine book review:  With a well-engineered combination of plot and character development Victoria author John R. Paterson has taken the time-travel genre to a new dimension with his recent novel The White Limousine.   

The White Limousine is an exciting combination of romance, mystery, adventure and suspense.

Read  the first Chapter  of The White Limousine  for free here>

BUY  The White Limousine in e-book format via:

 KOBO: $4.99




BUY a print copy of The White Limousine: $9.99 + shipping. Please complete the order form here .



The White Limousine Book Launch Party

on August 10th at Pluto’s Restaurant in Victoria, BC was a resounding success!

Check out the event photos here>



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