March 13th is our son Scott’s birthday, and on that date in 2012, we were in Las Vegas to help him celebrate the occasion. 


The cover design for The White Limousine is by Dreamstar Productions – Scott’s company.

The idea for The White Limousine was born in Las Vegas, and on Scott’s birthday – making it 2 years old today.  I’m not a gambler, but casinos, taken in small doses,  are interesting places. People enjoying themselves losing money is an interesting phenomenon to observe, and casinos are experts at knowing how to create the illusion of hope. I was wandering in a casino – I don’t remember which one – and I came across a statue like the one in the book that Fred saw just after he lost the last of his money at blackjack.

Here’s an excerpt: from The White Limousine

“Fred paused by the bronze statue of the couple in the middle of the casino. They looked eerily real, as if frozen in time. They seemed familiar, but the connection eluded him. Their faces radiated the joy of a big win. Money stuck out of every pocket, and bills even hung from under the man’s hat. They inspired hope and perpetuated the myth. Fred cursed the iconic couple, these patron saints of the casino, and moved on.”

After two years, The White Limousine is on the home stretch.  It started as a scene, but grew into a novel as the characters took on lives of their own and had me wondering what they would do next. It’s gone through five major drafts and lots of revisions. 

The White Limousine is about time travel. Can the past be changed? Who should control time travel? and what are the effects of time travel on the human body – and mind are  a few of the themes, and there’s much more romance, a religious cult , murder, car chases and more. It’s getting close to being done – very close, so stay tuned. You don’t want to miss out on the  special introductory offer, the book launch party and readings.

Meanwhile, let me know what you think. I always love to hear from you.