tape-fork-diet-health-53416.jpegI’ve reached a point (again) where I’ve decided that I need to make a serious effort about shedding extra pounds that have relentlessly intruded on my once lean (relatively speaking) body.

Trying to lose weight is perplexing. I was convinced for a time that there was a gremlin in my bathroom scale messing with me. I’d be down a few pounds one day, only to have them re-appear the next, despite having played a few hours of pickleball. I was about to trash the scale, but the mirror came to its rescue. It was hard to deny the alarming shape that appeared when I stepped in front of it.

I tried a personal trainer a year or two back. My fitness level went up a few notches and I lost a few pounds – but that was it.

I had some success with Weight Watchers a while ago. I lost 25 pounds, but it crept back on. That’s not Weight-Watcher’s fault. I stopped counting points and keeping track of what I ate. The old, bad habits soon re-established themselves. Calories in, calories out. It’s a simple equation. More in than out is my problem. I love my carbs!


My daughter first told me about the ketogenic diet, some time ago, and then my family doctor mentioned it to me on a recent visit. He offered to refer me to a physician- supervised ketogenic program.

I did my homework and researched the “keto” diet. I was surprised to find that it’s a low-carb, high fat diet – just the opposite of many diets – but its benefits have been extensively and rigorously studied. (Click on the following link for more information.)https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/ketogenic-diet-101.

It seems like a program that appeals to me – and one I can stick with over the long run. I’m going to give it a serious try. I’ll let you know how it works out in subsequent posts.


What’s your weight-loss experience? Any tips or advice? I’d love to hear from you.