Christmas isn’t exactly a surprise event, but somehow, many of us re still scrambling for gifts as the clock runs down. That  panicky feeling sets in and we dash around the malls or on-line looking for something that’s unique and that won’t break the bank. Here’s a solution

The White Limousine

It’s a great read and makes an attractive package under the tree.

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Here’s what readers had to say;

I just finished reading The White Limousine. What a clever story! And written with verve and enthusiasm. It was a great idea to have two sets of characters traveling to two different times in the past. I especially appreciated the twist at the end, in which the reader realizes that both couples find happiness in the past. (But of course Fred and Kimberley do “return” to 2014 the slow way).

Audrey Driscoll, Victoria British Columbia
Author of The Herbert West Series
Loved the White Limousine – couldn’t put it down towards the end! Very imaginative story line….never envisioned any positive thoughts about living in the 50’s, but you got me there! Loved how the whole story line fell into place at the end, with a great twist of course….next time I am in Vegas I will be looking for the bronze statue of Fred and Kimberly!!

Linda, Grande Cache, Alberta.

Hi John,

Just finished reading your book a few weeks ago and wanted to thank you for writing and publishing it.  I love it and was intrigued right to the end.  This is unusual for me as I can usually guess the ending before I get there.  So way to go and hope you are planning on writing another one.  I liked your style of writing, had a clear understanding of who the characters were and what was going on in each era and the history behind many events made the story line interesting and believable.  I hope you will keep going!!
Darlene, Vancouver, British Columbia

Finished the book last night – enjoyed it.  John writes well.  The moving back and forth from 2014 to 1950 to 1985 was well done – and not an easy feat.  Time travel stories create all sorts of wonderful issues to explore.  John, you have added some wrinkles I haven’t encountered before.  I would never have guessed you were a Sci Fi fan – and maybe you aren’t.  I used to read Science fiction all the time but haven’t for some time.  This one is sort of science fiction but also just a good story.Congratulations!

Mark,  Toronto, Ontario

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