The White Limousine is Coming soon!  

I know I’ve said it before, but I mean it this time. No more revisions. Nada. The final editing  is complete, as is the cover, designed by Dreamstar Productions. The next step is to have it formatted. When will it be available? I don’t want to make predictions, because I’m new to this, but I think we’re talking a few weeks at most. I WILL DO AN ANNOUNCEMENT ON THIS SITE when I have print copies in hand.

The White Limousine  is a work of science fiction. It’s about time travel, but with a difference. If one could go back, as Fred Davidson does in the story, is it really possible to change the past and, what are the consequences of interfering? Are there physical and psychological consequences of frequent time travel? These and other issues take the main characters, Dr Lisa Edler, Eddie Strong, limo driver and adventurer, and Fred Davidson, a subject in Dr. Edler’s time travel experiment, on a rollercoaster of adventures – and mis-adventues that lead to a surprising and bittersweet ending.

Here’s a short summary

Is it possible to change the past? Dr Lisa Edler designs an experiment to find out. Fred Davidson, one of her experimental subjects, thought that Kimberley was killed, but thirty-five years later doubts plague his mind. Fred risks all to learn the truth.

Eddie Strong witnesses indescribable horror. To stop it, he must sever his link to the present. When the blood-spattered limousine returns empty, Lisa goes back to find Eddie badly injured. Stranded in the past, they settle in a town controlled by a cult. Eddie and Lisa disrupt a sexually abusive religious ceremony and then run to escape the county and the relentless pursuit of Sheriff John Cheevers.

Returning to 2012, Lisa gives birth to Eloise. They discover that the effects of Eddie’s extensive time travelling are driving him to insanity. There is only one thing that can save him. Lisa is forced to make a drastic decision, and learns that time travel exacts a steep personal price.

Here’s a few excerpts; 

Fred wins an unlikely prize:

“My name is Lisa, Fred. Your prize is that you can travel back in time to three dates and places in your past. You can make different decisions, but you won’t know how those choices affect your present life until you complete your final trip. Each trip is for a maximum of two hours. Under no circumstances can you stay longer. After you complete your third trip, Eddie will bring you back here. Your life will resume, changed for better or worse or perhaps not at all, by the decisions you’ve made.”

He changes the past, but…

“Kimberley, look out!” he yelled, but knew as he said it that it was too late. Kimberley looked over her right shoulder as she ran into the intersection. A speeding car with no lights came from the other direction. Fred watched in horror as her body lifted in the air, bounced off the windshield, continued over the top of the car, and landed on the road. He ran to her, yelling her name. He cradled her limp body in his arms.

Years later, Fred still hasn’t forgotten

As he sipped his scotch, his euphoric mood turned somber when his thoughts turned to Kimberley. He’d tried to forget and get on with his life – she was dead, for Christ-sake. He’d known amazing women but he always ended up comparing them to Kimberley – or, his memory of her. How could any woman possibly live up to that? Fred knew that it wasn’t logical or even rational, but that’s the way it had been. Lately, he’d been thinking a lot about Kimberley. Somehow, her memory seemed close to the surface, but there was something about it that didn’t make sense.

Eddie and Lisa meet for the first time:

“So, this was the brainchild of some brilliant but bored rich kids who wanted a bit of a challenge,” Eddie said.

“Dammit, Eddie. What right do you have to sit there with that smug look passing judgement on us? At least we’re trying to do something useful with our talents and our lives. What have you contributed? You’re a brilliant man, Eddie, but you turned your back on a promising medical career to become a thrill-seeker and a – a womanizer. Lisa abruptly turned away and went to the window.

The trouble with Fred:

“Oh, I get it, I can fill in the picture from here,” said Eddie. “So, we came along and send Fred back in time. Instead of just disappearing, Kimberley is killed before his very eyes – or, so Fred believed. He never found out the truth because his time was up and he had to return to the present, and that left him with a hole in his memory about a very significant event in his life. Due to the ripple effect, Kimberley being hit by the car became reality, leaving Fred not only traumatized by witnessing Kimberley’s accident but also with an unresolved – and unresolvable conflict about Kimberley’s fate. ” Eddie said.

“Yes,” Lisa said her voice a whisper.

“No wonder Fred had trouble with relationships,” Eddie said. Lisa turned away.

But, things change:

“Do not take any chances, Eddie. Come back safely.” As she looked into his eyes, Eddie saw more than professional concern.

“When I do, we’ll celebrate. I’ll take you to dinner at that diner I mentioned.”

“I’d like that. And then a beer at that little bar?”

“Would it be a date, or just a professional working session?” Eddie said.

“A date.”

Eddie goes back to find big trouble:

“I’ll teach you to fuck with me,” the torturer growled. He walked to where Eddie lay by the side of the limo. Eddie kept his arms over his head and his eyes closed. Eddie heard the click as the torturer pulled the hammer back. Eddie couldn’t save Kimberley now – or himself.

Eddie Recovers – with a little help from Lisa

The shower stopped and a minute later Lisa emerged from the bathroom. She had a towel wrapped around her head, and the skimpy motel towel she held in front didn’t cover much. She tiptoed quickly across the room to where her robe lay on a chair. He pretended to be just waking up after she put the robe on.